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SEATOA Supports Community Networks/Municipal Broadband Efforts

SEATOA Position Statement:

  • SEATOA’s supports the 2015 FCC decision on municipal broadband development.
  • Many communities - both rural and urban - in our SEATOA states (which include both Wilson, NC and Chattanooga, TN) are currently suffering from a technology gap that is drastically limiting both their educational and economic growth.  How these communities solve these problems should not be restricted by regulations which seek to limit their decision-making authority.
  • In SEATOA’s opinion, the FCC’s decision statement: “The state laws had effectively prevented the cities from expanding broadband service outside their current footprints despite numerous requests from neighboring unserved and underserved communities…” accurately reflects the situation in which many communities find themselves.
  • In SEATOA’s opinion, equal access to world-class Broadband service confers equal access to opportunities.  Municipalities can and should ensure that all citizens have affordable and reliable access to advanced Broadband services and choices for more and more types of programming and applications. 
  • Additionally, SEATOA has consistently stood behind the principal that local leaders should be empowered to make decisions about their own communities, this principal should definitely apply to their own technology infrastructure.

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