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SEATOA Supports Public – Educational – Government (P-E-G) Access Channels

SEATOA believes our local Public, Education and Government (PEG) cable access channels serve critical community purposes, such as life-time learning, worker training, conveying emergency information, and keeping the community in touch with itself, its educational institutions and its elected officials.

Our local PEG channels are the voice of the community and an important voice for democratic media, especially in an era of increased media consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.  SEATOA will always be ready to support our local PEG channels which serve to ensure transparency in local government, as well as encourage an informed citizenry.

Changes in our state cable laws have had the effect of dismantling many of these channels, by closing off funding and failing to penalize cable operators or other video service providers who refuse to provide required PEG channels, or who are illegally removing these channels from the federally-mandated lowest priced, basic tier of cable services and moving them to more costly digital tiers. Some companies are designing their video network to degrade the quality of PEG channels via a web-like, sub-menu format.

SEATOA feels Federal intervention is necessary to arrest this loss of an important community resource, a resource allocated to local communities under federal law - the 1984 Cable Act.  Over the past several years, SEATOA has been working with our partners toward passage of legislation which supports all PEG operations.

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